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 Clients and Employees Respond to Business Gifts

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Why? The business world relies heavily on relationships - maintaining current ones as well as fostering new ones. Business gifts show your clients how much you value them and gives you visibility that can last a lifetime. More importantly, business gifts generate both new and repeat sales.

In a 1998 study, Dr. Richard Beltramini of Wayne State University demonstrated that business gifts effectively improved both sales and customer attitudes. Beltramini accomplished this by comparing results across three customer groups: The "Letter Group" recieved only a letter of thanks, the "Silver Group" received the letter plus a silver desk set ($20 retail value) and the "Gold Group" received the letter plus a gold desk set ($40 retail value). Measurements were taken both before and after delivery of the gifts.


  • Those who received the silver and gold gifts were 23 and 43 percent (respectively) more satisfied with the company than those who received only a letter of thanks.
  • Silver and gold gift recipients' "intent to buy" ratings were 33 percent and 66 percent (respectively) higher than the letter recipients.
  • Even six months after the gifts were distributed, sales for the silver and gold groups were 4.2 and 400 percent higher (respectively) than sales for the letter-only group.
  • While both the silver and gold gifts had an impact on both attitudes and behavior, the gold (more expensive) gift did have a much greater impact on this group of customers.

Real World Success Story

Objective: To secure new customers and increase loyalty of existing accounts.

Strategy and Execution: A construction company created the building mascot OTIS (On Time and In Spec) to embody its commitment to its clients. OTIS was featured in promotions and mailers tied to seasonal events throughout the year. NBA tickets, T-shirts, and beer steins were only some of the products used in this creative and effective promotion.

Results: The company enjoyed its highest sales volume in the company's 60- year history.

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 Data and description from PPAI